ABOUT  En Route To Mexico

My name is Juan Silva and I am a certified tour guide by the Ministry of Tourism (SECTUR) in Mexico. I also hold a degree in English Teaching from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). I have, however, found out that being a tourist guide is what I enjoy doing the most thanks to the great experience it  has been so far! Let me tell you briefly how I started this adventure that has completely changed my life for good.

One of my ex students has been a tour guide for many years and since he knew how passionate I am about Mexican history, traveling and photography, he told me that I would probably like being a tourist guide. He was right. He told me where to study to get my license and as soon as I got it I started working.

My first experience as a guide (working for a tour agency) was so great that I decided to start my own project  in order to have more freedom to design my own tours .That was a decision that now know I will never regret!

I am pleased to say that I have the support of  one of the best guides in Mexico City. René Calderon is an outstanding very knowledgeable and experienced licensed guide who has worked as a Mexican History professor and is nowadays fully committed to his job as a guide. 

As there might be moments in which I won´t be able to contact you immediately, I looked for someone who can keep in touch with you all the time and will provide advice before and during your trip. Julieta is also an English teacher who has  worked for big tour agencies in Mexico City as a customer support manager. She  will gladly answer your questions and be there for anything you need in Mexico City.

We want to make sure that you enjoy your stay in Mexico City, and to do so, we encourage you to contact us and customize your trip before you arrive in the city (or on the go!) so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than having a great time. Our goal is for you to stay safe and learn about the greatest sites Mexico City has to offer always at your own pace.

Please feel free to contact us the next time you visit Mexico City. 

We’ll make your stay truly unforgettable!