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  • Explore the ancient city of Tollan (Tula); a fascinating civilization that flourished after the great city of Teotihuacan was abandoned.
  • Learn about the Toltecs who developed very sophisticated architecture and art that influenced all the valley of Mexico.
  • See the amazing 4-meter stone warriors that guard the city from the top of a pyramid and enjoy the fantastic view of the archaeological site.
  • Visit the town of Tepotzotlan, a charming place near Mexico City where you will find one of the best examples of the baroque architecture and art at the church of San Francisco Javier.
  • Walk through the marvelous National Museum of Viceroyalty (a Jesuit convent during the Spanish colony) and admire magnificent altars covered in gold leaf and colonial art from the XVI to the XVIII centuries.
  • Enjoy traditional Mexican food at a restaurant or the local market where you can try tacos, quesadillas, pambazos and more!

We will head to the ancient Mesoamerican city of the Toltecs Tula (Tollan) in Hidalgo to see the 4-meter stone warriors that guard the place and learn how this civilization influenced other important cultures such as the Mayas in Chichenitza.

Explore the archaeological site, climb one of its pyramids, walk along its ball-courts and learn about this ritual game that was played in many other places for over 2000 years.

Next, we will drive to the charming little town of Tepotzotlan to visit the National Museum of Viceroyalty but first you´ll have lunch at a local restaurant or market to try tacos, quesadillas or pambazos.

The National Museum of Viceroyalty was a XVI century Jesuit monastery that became one of the main centers of evangelization in the New Spain. The museum incorporates the fantastic church of San Francisco Javier, a baroque wonder in Mexico.

The San Francisco Javier church keeps some of the finest baroque religious altars in Mexico that you will admire while learning about the importance of the altars in the Catholic Church.

The trip will finish with a walk around the gardens of the monastery and the rooms and kitchen of the monks who lived there in the XVII century.







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  • Hotel pick up and drop off from any hotel in Mexico City
  • English speaking certified guide
  • Transportation in a fully equipped SUV car
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  • Bottled water in the car
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