We had 12 hours in Mexico City, as it was a stop over on the way to Cuba. I told Juan this before we landed and he exceptionally planned out our route around the magnificent city. Having lived in the city myself before I knew it wasn’t an easy job to see the whole place in one day, however the way Juan planned out the route allowed for my group of friends, who had never been there, to see points of the city that I loved! Juan was very knowledgeable about Mexico City’s interesting history, however didn’t bore us with an overload of useless facts. He took us to the local restaurants and bars, and I knew this as from the prices they weren’t just some tourist traps. Juan is so passionate about letting people see the country he loves so he goes above and beyond a tour guide and just fits into your group as anyone of your friends! You’ll have a great time with Juan, so book up before you miss out!